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Envirotrol Insulated Coating

CC-100 Ceramic Cover CC-100 SDS CCX SDS Equipment & Application Specs

Extreme Service

All the products in this category have the highest functionality or performance for extreme conditions; high temperature, abrasion, erosion, acid or chemical attack etc. Tank lining, pipe lining, heat exchanger protection, steam and acid service and metal rebuild applications. ERS-3300 ACID GUARD ERS-3300 Acid Guard-Liquid Grade data sheet ERS-3300 Acid Guard-Paste Grade data sheet SDS-ERS-3300 Acid Guard Part A SDS-ERS-3300 Acid Guard Part B ERS-3302 Beige Pipe & Tank Coat ERS-3302 Beige Pipe & Tank Coat data sheet SDS ERS-3302...

Water Service

These products are primarily developed for protection in water service; fresh water, potable water, marine and saltwater applications, waste water and related corrosion issues. Other applications include leak stop systems and pipe-wrapping. ERS-80RS RUST STOPPER (also available in Safety Yellow “RS90”) ERS-80RS Rust Stopper-Liquid Grade data sheet SDS-ERS0-80RS Rust Stopper – Part A SDS-ERS0-80RS Rust Stopper – Part B ERS-406 LEAK GUARD ERS-406 Leak Guard- Paste Grade data sheet SDS-ERS-406 Leak Guard Part A SDS-ERS-406 Leak...

Concrete Service

For concrete rehabilitation applications, as a result of spalling, erosion, corrosion and cracking. Rebuilding in horizontal, vertical and overhead situations. Also for primer on concrete surfaces as new as 7 days, with extreme surface overcoating for secondary containment applications. ERS-1100 PRIME GUARD ERS-1100 Prime Guard – Data Sheet SDS-ERS-1100 Prime Guard-Liquid Grade Part A SDS-ERS-1100 Prime Guard-Liquid Grade Part B ERS-100 SEWER GUARD ERS-100 Sewer Guard-Paste Grade data sheet SDS-ERS-100 Sewer Guard Part A SDS-ERS-100...

Floor / Joint

For all industrial flooring applications, especially in acidic, chemical or food environments, manufacturing, hangars and loading docks. Elastomeric joint systems available that are suitable for freeze / thaw cycles in acidic or other extreme environments. ERS-1500 FLOOR GUARD ERS-1500 Floor Guard Liquid Grade data sheet SDS-ERS-1500 Floor Guard Part A SDS-ERS-1500 Floor Guard Part B ERS-7100 PLASTIC ELASTIC ERS-7100 Plastic Elastic-Paste Grade data sheet SDS-ERS-7100 Plastic Elastic Part A SDS-ERS-7100 Plastic Elastic Part B ERS-7000 LIQUID...


SALT-X ERS-Salt-X data sheet MSDS-ERS-Salt-X

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